About Cultivate

Started in 2006, Cultivate is a team of consultants and programmers in Philadelphia, PA who work with large and small businesses to deliver highly-complex internet and intranet websites and applications. 

Our ability to navigate the intersection of business and technology sets us apart. We are experts at understanding and translating business requirements to technical specifications, working as the liaison between stakeholders, business owners, and IT departments.


Robert J TownsendR.J. Townsend is the managing partner of CodeMyDesigns, the author of Foundation Drupal 7, an adjunct professor at Wilmington University, and has been working professionally on web applications and systems for 10+ years. He earned his masters degree in quantitative psychology and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Delaware. He is the primary point-of-contact for clients and leads all engagements. You can follow R.J. on twitter at www.twitter.com/rjtownsend or read R.J.'s blog.